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The easy answer is, —you feed a monster who is trapped in a time warp, but escapes every so often.That monster is determined to suck you into his or her own personal, self-esteem issues (a.k.a. It is an ego-gone-wild, trying to right some wrong that you need to see contextually with its origins rooted in the past.Any time a person complains about drama, take note. To defend their fragile egos, putting the blame on others is the prime defense mechanism.Take note of someone who never takes responsibility for their words or actions.

In such an atmosphere, it’s as if the gauge for what constitutes “normal life” is reset, with a greater need for emotional stimulation.Psychologists point to several possible reasons: A chaotic childhood atmosphere.When a child grows up in a home environment lacking stability and predictability, he becomes accustomed to turbulence.No matter what we do, they would never be happy and would have something to whine about.If you can tolerate them and their tantrums, be assured that you can achieve anything because there is nothing in this world as hard as dating woman who is a drama queen.If you have a niggling doubt that the same is true of the woman you are dating, consider the following signs which will tell you if you are dating a drama queen.


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