Rhode island dating violence

Unlike Rhode Island, Connecticut does not require school districts to develop dating violence policies or teach about dating violence specifically in health class; however, Connecticut does require school boards to conduct teacher and staff training on recognizing teen dating violence. 16-85-1 and 16-85-2) requires Rhode Island school districts to establish a policy for responding to dating violence and educating staff and students on recognizing and addressing such violence.

This merger will allow us to provide safety, shelter, and advocacy to domestic violence survivors, while helping them secure a stable home.Sexuality is complex and it encompasses emotional, physical and social changes and factors.It includes gender, gender identity, body image, and sexual orientation.The initiative was spearheaded by Burke and her husband, Chris, who say schools should be obligated to teach teens the warning signs of abusive relationships and broach the subject head-on so victims feel empowered to get help and leave violent partners.'This could happen to anyone' "If this could happen to her, this could happen to anyone," said Ann Burke, a health teacher who runs a memorial fund to raise money for dating violence workshops for parents and educators.Districts also must verify compliance with the act in the annual school health report submitted to the Department of Education.


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