Dating an italian girl

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My world is obviously small so I’d like to know what everyone else thinks.

When it comes to love and want, the Italian woman gets the gold medal.

The Italian woman is comfy with her physical body and therefore radiates a sense of flexibility which equates to confidence both in and out of the room.

Until, of course, I fell in love with an Italian or, to be more precise, a Sicilian (the difference this makes, I will leave up to you).

The perks of attaching oneself to a foreigner soon became clear.

Well if you’re suggestion of an Italian lady is one that servants in the cooking area and brings her guy coffee in bed, you could be thinking of her mom!

The Italian female today is a lot more like her American equivalent in that she has an occupation as well as individual objectives and also desires.

The snobbish stares of my fellow tube passengers somehow seemed preferable to...1) My experience: My husband was sickeningly romantic and confident and that totally did it for me. chasing me through a piazza with a guitar after a fight and telling me sweet/creepy shit like “you’re mine.” That totally weirded me out in a sexy way and it won over my lady parts.Think, holding my umbrella in the rain, cooking amazing meals for my friends, singing and dancing to old Italian classics. Anyway, he has a gross following of European women (who I’ll beat to death one day) who are weirdly obsessed with him so clearly the romance stuff works for many.I was just looking at my stats and aside from things like, “zebra sex” and “Italian mother in law good sex” and “kill that nanny with a pan” one of the most common search results to bring people to this blog: Are Italians Good At Sex? I haven’t been with all of the Italians in Italy to make a scientific assessment, but I do hang out with a lot of them.I can give you the rundown based on things I’ve heard from people who have slept with Italian humans or from talking with my friends in general.Five of these include: 1) Food, Glorious Food No one cooks quite like the fine folk of Italy and chances are your Italian beau (or gal) will know a thing or two about what is supposed to go down in the kitchen (unlike, for hypothetical instance, his Australian lady counterpart who considers unburnt toast to be a great culinary achievement).


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