Advice for dating a commitment phobe

What if you could find out if your man is at a higher risk for infidelity before you married him? Phil and his panel of medical experts discuss the new science behind a cheater’s brain and what can be done if your loved one is at a higher risk.

Well, you’ve somehow managed to fall head over heels for a commitment phobic girl.If you don’t, how will you know when you’ve found him/her? Phil walks you through the basics of discovering who your perfect match is.Is a battle of chores tearing your relationship apart?If you start to see him opening up and letting some of his emotions out, it’s because he’s starting to feel very strongly for you, and he wants you to see his sensitive side.Another sure-fire sign he’s starting to fall for you is he’ll start opening up about very personal things.Commitment phobia is the fear of permanence, and usually applies specifically to romantic relationships.


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