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We weren’t really practicing, and I didn’t really have a creative outlet because we weren’t writing new songs, and that was totally frustrating. I had a dress that had a man on it — the Chippendales guy — and he was the man within me.With that in mind, I guess I revived it now because I have that same feeling. Now that I’m someone who is not 20 years old and in the music world, I really don’t have anything to fucking lose. I was trying to discuss through fashion the idea that people’s identities change every second of every day, and masculinity and femininity are really constructs.

Worse, when you Google “Marketing Plan” you end up with a list of crappy theoretical, non-actionable templates, that won’t get you anywhere.

Do the Mosswine daily quest and use your Festival Gems for a minimum of 1900~ Souls over the week!

Sending out a Partnyaa can also grant up to an additional 200 souls per day!

But last week, when Hanna took the humble stage at Williamsburg’s Union Pool with her newly resuscitated band, the Julie Ruin — wearing a girlish A-line dress, plus her trademark “Minnie Winehouse” high ponytail and bangs — it looked a lot like the 41-year-old icon was finally doing whatever she wanted to do.

Hanna first conceived of the Julie Ruin in 1997 as a solo project, but the revived version is a collaborative effort that heralds the beginning of what Hanna calls her “swinging time.” Run Fast, due out next month, serves as both a personal diary and an intellectual discourse, all while letting Hanna’s yelp/shriek of a singing voice marinate in the driving guitars, synth loops, and sixties girl-group pop she’s perfected. “And I like it.” Maybe you can credit that conviction to a recent brush with mortality (her near-fatal bout of Lyme disease, which figures prominently on the album as well as in the forthcoming documentary The Punk Singer).


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