Are amy poehler and adam scott dating

It’s kind of an interesting – it’s kind of a big episode.

But I’ll say that everybody has a job to fill of the main cast.

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Go-to meal after a long day: Well, growing up, I loved ‘All in the Family’ and I loved ‘CHEERS.’ I also loved ‘The Wire’ and ‘Law & Order.’ There are SO many good current television shows happening too! And I could watch ‘Judge Judy’ every day, all day and all night, don’t stop won’t stop.

So they were just sort of reading people and seeing what kinds of people interested them.

Adam Scott: I didn’t at all, I just met him that at that audition. But then a couple years later when I went in, we had a meeting when I came in to meet him for this go-round, and we got along really well.

") that he became something more than a Hollywood That Guy.

After nailing the disaffected never-was actor-turned-catering-service-bartender role on the beloved cult hit Adam Scott: I actually auditioned for it before it was even on the air.


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