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Layers 5-7, the upper layers, contain application-level data.Networks operate on one basic principle: "pass it on." Each layer takes care of a very specific job, and then passes the data onto the next layer.Most of the functionality in the OSI model exists in all communications systems, although two or three OSI layers may be incorporated into one.OSI is also referred to as the OSI Reference Model or just the OSI Model.

Newspapers across the globe have been abuzz since Osi tweeted a picture of he and Lopes in Italy soon after the reported proposal.The Post reports they're looking to have a 2014 wedding.If this were four months ago, we'd have been eagerly awaiting Umenyiora's announcement that he'd asked Le Sean Mc Coy to be the ring bearer.American football star Ositadimma “Osi” Umenyiora has sparked a frenzy of reports after disclosing that he has proposed to girlfriend Leila Lopes, the 2011 Miss Universe.The 31-year-old Osi was born in Golders Green, London to Nigerian parents and schooled in Atlantic Hall in Epe, Lagos when his family moved back to Nigeria.Then Mc Coy would have asked when Osi is going to start the pageant circuit, and we'd have all said "how juvenile! But, alas, the rivals have squashed their beef, so maybe the Eagles running back will be sending something off the registry instead.


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