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The heart of our family had been ripped away from us, and as much as counselling helped me come to terms with the reality, the gaping hole remained.

After a while, though, I realised that eventually I would have to try to fill the gaping hole and I began to think about another aspect of my situation – being single again after 14 years of marriage. One day, my daughter asked me if I was going to get a girlfriend. After a pause, she asked with a hint of excitement: "Will we get a baby brother or sister?

The death of a spouse is one of the most traumatic events that can befall a person.

Be it due to an illness, or suddenly in an accident, it leaves a painful hole behind.

It’s no easy task to share your husband’s heart with another woman, but in a marriage to a widower, that is precisely what you must learn to live with.

But take heart – it IS possible for grief and love to co-exist!

The beautiful part of a mature relationship is the understanding that there is room in our lives to embrace our experiences, our past and our present, as it helps define who we become in our future.If the guilt does not go away, it probably means that it’s too soon.Another important thing in widower dating is timing. Living in denial of grief’s existence will only prolong your spouse’s grief recovery.Check out the book, Dating a Widower: Starting A Relationship With A Man Who’s Starting over by Abel Keogh, for more insight.People say that the death of a loved one, loss of a job and moving house are three of the most stressful situations – and we had to endure all three at the same time.


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